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Making a Heart

Here's Why

We provide the highest level of Experience and RESULTS!

Your marriage is in trouble. You need help. Help that's actually going to get you RESULTS! Well, we've got you covered... our proven track record says it all.

What we offer is not old-school couples therapy, but an innovative alternative to couples counseling THAT WORKS!

We've helped more than 15 hundred couples with over a 90% SUCCESS RATE ... so you could say... we KNOW relationships!

Pay for Results NOT by the Session

Like any process of change it takes time & COMMITMENT! One way we hold you accountable is billing by the package.


Our customized packages help create commitment to the process as an investment of time, energy and focus and will help you push through any resistance that may arise. 

We have a long history of diving deep and helping couples get to the root of their relationship issues. We're uniquely skilled and experienced at assisting couples in creating relationships that last - all grounded in CUTTING-EDGE science.

Are You Thinking of Using Health Insurance to Cover Marriage Counseling?


Required Diagnosis of Mental Illness
Insurance companies only pay for things that are “medically necessary.” This means that someone has to actually diagnose you with a mental health disorder AND prove that it is impacting your health on a day-to-day basis. Marriage problems are NOT mental health disorders. It's important to understand that it is illegal and unethical for therapists to report to insurance that you have a mental disorder when they believe you do not just to use your insurance.

Pathologizing One Partner​

There is also the real risk that labeling one person as the “patient” in order to use insurance will unbalance the treatment and pathologize the partner. Couples issues are best seen as something that the pair of you are addressing together, and even subtle notions that someone’s diagnosis can be blamed for all of the issues can create difficulties in achieving a happy and satisfying relationship.

Generalist Vs Specialist

Furthermore, even when people are totally okay with having a diagnosis on their record and are not concerned about pathologizing their partner people seeking to find a good, in-network therapist are often very  frustrated. Unfortunately many couples who really want to use their in-network benefits settle for any marriage counselor who is able to see them. Too many therapists have NO specialized training and experience as marriage counselors, yet accept couples clients just to fill up their practice. The in-network “marriage counselor” is most certainly NOT the best fit in terms of training and experience and helping you save your marriage!

* We DO NOT accept insurance.

Neon Love


A 45-Minute Consultation/Assessment is required prior to booking any package. Both partners must attend.

  • Monthly Plan

    Every month
    +$350 One-Time Onboarding Fee
    Three 90 Minute Sessions per month, Access to Resource Library, Customized Homework & Video Recorded Sessions
  • Best Value

    3 Month Plan

    +$350 One-Time Onboarding Fee
    Nine 90 Minute Sessions, Access to Resource Library, Customized Homework & Video Recorded Sessions
    Valid for 3 months
  • Private Weekend Retreat

    +$350 One-Time Onboarding Fee
    Two consecutive days working privately with us. Includes two 60-minute follow-up sessions
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Need Financial Assistance?

Here's What You Can Do

We understand that it may be financially difficult for some to utilize self-pay coaching services.  Financing your package is another option. If you qualify you may be able to finance your sessions, interest free for six months, through PayPal Credit

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