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Distanced Couple






Reduce Conflicts
Regain Lost Trust
Deepen Connection
Increase Affection
Promote Self-Awareness


specifically FOR COUPLES


Poor Communication

Bickering, Arguing, Fighting, Misunderstandings

Lack Emotional Connection

Feeling Alone, Not Appreciated, Not a Priority

Trust Issues

Feeling Emotionally Unsafe, Betrayal, Infidelity

Poor Intimacy

No Affection, No Intimacy, 

No Sex

Why the relationship


Traditional marriage counseling and couples therapy can take years to be effective, if at all. With our revolutionary Relationship Rewire Method benefits often begin with the first session.


After working with more than 1500 couples we've seen a 90% success rate - for those who take the necessary actions - versus traditional marriage counseling which has a 70% failure rate.

We have a long history of diving deep and helping couples get to the root of their relationship issues and creating relationships that last -- all grounded in cutting-edge science.

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"Ana Loiselle changed everything for us. We were headed for divorce if we didn't find help fast. We were always fighting over the stupidest things. It was amazing to discover how we were emotionally threatening each other and how to instead soothe the other. We constantly think about what Ana said "soothe not threaten" and this has helped us diffuse so many of our fights. Now that we feel emotionally safe with each other we're becoming good friends and allies. When you understand the science behind this stuff it just clicks and makes it so much easier to do the right thing. We feel so in love again! So can you."

Brandon & Valerie

5 Reasons We 


We use a fusion of Emotional Arousal Theory, Attachment Theory, Social Contract Theory with Nonviolent Communication to make up our Relationship Rewire Method™.


The Relationship Rewire Method™ is a type of couples coaching that quickly gets to the heart of what’s happening with conflict, tension and disconnection in your relationship.


Relationship Rewire™ works by cutting out a lot of the confusing talking and arguing about who’s right and instead, looks at what’s really happening in your brain and your emotions when you fight or feel distant and alone.


Relationship Rewire™ helps each partner truly see the other person–their hurt, their sadness, their longing. When you feel seen and understood, so much of your frustration melts away–and true connection, emotional security and love begins!

Happy Couple Hugging



You will not only work with Ana but you will also have your own personal Implementation Coach to support you on your journey.



This longer time allows for the in-depth work of Ana's approach.



We video record your sessions to provide immediate feedback to you.



In between sessions we design at home learning so you can maximize your time with us.



We help you make a Secure-Relationship part of your life by learning the principles then living them. Our zoom practice group helps you bridge your understanding from principles to consciousness living.


SERVICES Available

Ana Loiselle,crs & Team Help Rescue, Repair, and Refresh Relationships Through Our Revolutionary Relationship Rewire Method. Available Online & In-Person .
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how it works

1. Schedule Assessment

Your journey starts with a brief questionnaire & a in-depth 45 minute couples consultation with Ana to see if Relationship Rewire™ is right for you.

3. Onboarding Session

Meet with your Implementation Coach who will walk you through the process, answer all of your questions and set you up for success.

5. Guided Sessions with Ana

Sessions with Ana are more than just talking - they are experiential. They help you learn, in real time, how to apply the tools and skills needed to have a secure & long-term relationship.

2. Customized Package

If Relationship Rewire™ feels like a good fit Ana will customize a package specifically for you. She'll discuss what's included, cost and how to get the most out of it.

4. Customized Homework

Ana will design your at home learning before each of your sessions so you maximize your time with her.

6. Learn. Practice. Integrate

We repeat the Learn, Practice, Integrate process to help you solidify your new found skills and ensure your lasting connection & happiness.


about ana

Unique among others in her field, Ana is not a therapist, social worker, or medical professional. Instead, she gained her knowledge by voraciously consuming every relationship course and book she could get her hands on. She has trained in or has studied virtually every major approach to couple intervention that exists which include numerous certifications.


Before long, Ana realized she had stumbled upon a trove of life-changing skills and principles that the vast majority of the world is never taught. After seeing the impact this newfound knowledge was having in her own life, she set out to share it with others.


She has since been featured in major media outlets, and has been a guest on countless radio and podcast shows.



She’s compassionate and knowledgeable. And while she backs her method with extensive research, she makes it easy for all to understand and obtain. This approach has earned praise not only from clients, but also from countless therapists, social workers, and psychologists who now recommend her to their couples.

Ana is the creator of The Relationship Rewire Method™ a revolutionary approach to solving relationship problems and building relationships that last. Ana has helped what seemed to be some of the most broken relationships heal their pain, and restore their love... chances are she can do just the same for you. ​

Happy Couple Thumbs Up Web.jpg

"Ana, we can't thank you enough for helping us turn around our struggling 22 year marriage.  A marriage that had grown distant, cold and plagued with bickering we found ourselves saying "there's got to be more." We have since come to understand just how we were pushing the other away. We had stopped being interested in the other and assumed we already knew everything there was to know -- big mistake! You and your team really showed us how to consistently provide what the other needs. We are a testament that your method works! Thank you again for everything."

David & Carol Florida

Happy Couple Thumbs Up Web_edited.jpg

“This is one of the best investments my wife and I have ever made! We weren’t having “problems”, but we were not the best at resolving conflict. So my wife and I wanted to take a proactive approach to our relationship and learn new ways to resolve conflict that were productive. Sometimes we would be at a stalemate about a conflict and/or hurt each others feeling in the process or not get a resolution. We’d both been to couples counseling before in our prior marriages and didn’t find it helpful (there were not any practical skills learned that would enable us to take those skills and apply them effectively, nor effective enough that we would not need to return to counseling). Unlike counseling, Ana, has taught us skills that we won’t have to see her very often, maybe just a little “tune-up” from time to time…to me that’s an irresistible proposition.

Don Albuquerque, NM



Think about this…


what is your relationship problems costing you?


We don’t mean in dollars and cents;


We're talking about the

  • emotional pain,

  • the sleepless nights, 

  • how it effects your work,

  • the impact on the kids, and

  • the stress. Ohh the Stress!

Your relationship right now, rather than being a source of comfort, is stressing you out!


You have to do something. Your situation will not resolve itself. 


​If you want change; you need to learn NEW ways of interacting. You need to do things differently!


If you don’t, you may live in constant stress and insecurity and look back one day and wonder how it could have been different -- had you only gotten the right help at the right time.


This is the time!

Let's Get To Work!

Regardless of the particulars of your issues, if you want to save your marriage…if you want to relieve your pain and bring love back to your relationship . . . this is your chance! Ana's approach has proven itself to be MORE EFFECTIVE than traditional marriage counseling. 

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